Liquid Milk Transport

Edwards Transport provide transport solutions for a variety of clients and requirements including liquid milk transport via our large fleet of Milk Tankers.

At Edwards Transport, we understand that quality and safety is key when transporting milk. We have carried various food types for over 40 years, providing an efficient service to companies throughout the U.K. and Europe.

Edwards Transport operates a fleet of 40 refrigerated trailers and our transport and distribution service extends to both the UK and Europe. We boast over 40 years’ experience in the transport and distribution sector, so you can be assured of a dedicated and efficient service for your temperature controlled delivery.

We understand the need for the highest levels/ standards of the following things:

  • Vehicle hygiene policy –  to ensure in the process of milk transportation, your product isn’t being damaged.
  • Food safety compliance – the importance of regulations to prevent the contamination and poisoning of food products.
  • Procedural quality standards – making sure your product’s quality isn’t decreased whilst transporting.

Our milk transport fleet operates under the Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme (DTAS). This scheme provides assurance to milk purchasers that the transport of raw milk and milk fractions meets food safety requirements, recognised industry good practice and specific needs.

The DTAS scheme is administered by Dairy UK and is overseen by a Management Committee drawn from major milk purchasers and hauliers in the United Kingdom.


Our trailer fleet includes 23 bulk liquid milk transport tankers. These are operating nationally and supplying some of the UK’s largest dairy businesses. The tankers in our fleet have insulated stainless steel bodies which ensures the quality of the milk during transport. Edwards Transport continues to invest in this part of the operation with 4 new milk tankers being added to the fleet in the second half of 2018.


Edwards Transport has its own team of experienced milk tanker drivers. This ensures that each load is in the best hands whilst being transported. Whether the job takes place during the day, overnight or at the weekend you can be assured that your milk is looked after for the entire trip.


At Edwards transport, we have our own 24 hour, 7-day traffic office staffed by our team of experienced professionals. We are therefore able to react quickly to the changing demands of this market, responding to the challenges that the milk distribution business throws at us every day.

We also offer the latest in cab technology. This ensures that deliveries to your customers are managed from end to end.

If you would like to learn more about the technology that we use, click here

For more information on our milk transport tankers and other transport services please contact us.

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