Our modern, temperature controlled storage warehouse facility is one of the best in the industry.

The site is fully racked and has a 13000-pallet capacity, with adjustable racking and temperature regimes allowing us to respond to new business opportunities. The adaptable layout means that we can segregate products where required and can provide dedicated buildings with individual temperature controlled storage regimes for storage volumes of 3000 pallets upwards.

We can also offer a space rental arrangement to ensure that the capacity is available when required by your business. We operate narrow aisle racking and wire guided man-up VNA trucks which mean that our experienced operators are with your product the entire way to and from the storage location.

Our modern cold storage warehouse management system also ensures that your batching and rotation requirements are fully met. Whether you require chilled or ambient storage or a specialised regime for cheese maturation, Edwards can provide a solution.

For more information on our industry leading temperature controlled storage warehouse please contact us.

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