Here at Edwards Transport, we handle a fleet of 40 refrigerated trailers. With our refrigerated transport services extending to the UK and Europe.
We pride ourselves on our 40 years’ experience in the transport and distribution sector. So you can depend on our reliable courier service for your temperature controlled delivery. Aiming to maintain our well-equipped services to provide the highest standards.

Our Fleet

From single pallets to full loads, our refrigerated transport services will ensure your requirements are met. All of our refrigerated trailers are equipped with twin evaporators. This facilitates goods such as chilled and frozen foods being carried in separate compartments at different temperatures. Allowing for maximum flexibility in our courier service.

Efficiency in our refrigerated trailers allows for ambient, chilled and frozen goods to all be transported in the same journey. Acknowledging our part in contributing to reducing carbon emissions.

Our refrigerated trailers come equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to maintain our strict temperature control. Ensuring your goods are delivered in perfect
condition. Maintaining our efforts to be kinder to the environment, and to your goods. Ensuring customers receive their products exactly in the condition expected.

Our courier service can be sure to offer consistency in terms of temperature with all of our deliveries. With our refrigerated trailers being constructed using the latest thermal insulation. Which means greater reliability and efficiency in the insulation technology used.
The refrigerated transport services that we provide are quicker and more reliable than alternative methods for products requiring temperature control. With items in high-demand, such as fresh meat and seafood, relying on refrigerated trailers.

The benefit of our refrigerated transport services is that products being delivered are kept fresh. Due to such high demand in the supply chain, there is a need for refrigerated trailers and transportation. Delivering goods from frozen foods, to fresh fruit and to vegetables. Here at Edwards Transport you can rely on our refrigerated services to ensure your goods are delivered to the highest standards.


At Edwards Transport, we have a 24-hour, 7-day a week traffic office. Staffed by experienced people with a wide understanding of the business. Allowing us to quickly respond to the demands of our customers and allowing us to resolve problems with great efficiency.

Our refrigerated trailers offer the latest recording and tracking technology, to capture temperature data for every delivery made. This ensures that the courier service to your customers is managed from end to end.

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