Edwards Transport operates a fleet of 40 refrigerated transport trailers and our distribution service extends to both the UK and Europe.

We boast over 40 years’ experience in the transport and distribution sector, so you can be assured of a dedicated and efficient service for your temperature controlled delivery.

Our Fleet

From single pallets to full loads, all of your refrigerated transport requirements can be met. All of our trailers are equipped with twin evaporators. This facilitates goods being carried in separate compartments at different temperatures. This allows maximum flexibility in terms of the service being offered. Added efficiency in mixing a combination of chilled, ambient and frozen goods for the same journey allows us to make a small contribution to reducing emissions.

To maintain strict temperature conditions, our trailers are equipped with the latest refrigeration technology. They are designed to be both kind to the environment and your goods. This ensures that your customers receive their deliveries in exactly the condition they would expect.

Consistency in terms of temperature is ensured with all of our deliveries. Our modern fleet is constructed using the latest types of thermal insulation.   This reduces the losses you may encounter with older, less efficient refrigeration and insulation technology.


At Edwards Transport, we a have 24-hour, 7-day traffic office. It is staffed with experienced people with a comprehensive understanding of our business. We are therefore able to respond quickly to the continually changing demands of our customers. This means we can also resolve problems both quickly and efficiently.

We offer the latest in recording and tracking technology and are equipped to capture temperature data for each journey made. This ensures that deliveries to your customers are managed from end to end.

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