Here at Edwards Transport, we have a two modern storage facilities that consist of multiple cold storage warehouses. With one site located in Eccleshall specilising in chilled storage, and another in Market Drayton, we can ensure that your goods are in the best hands.

At Edwards Transport, we also offer chilled distribution to complement the chilled storage service. We focus on linking elements of the supply chain to give our clients added value and offer a complete service. Our transport service means that your valuable chilled stock remains in our expert hands all the way to your customer’s door.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) audits our chilled storage and distribution facility and we are very proud of our AA rating.

As a company, we pride ourselves in putting our customers first and offering bespoke chilled storage and chilled distribution services to the food industry.

Our Cold Storage Warehouse

Manned by our highly trained warehouse team, our state of the art facility ensures that your goods are in the best hands. As our facilities are adaptable, adjustable and flexible, we can ensure that your products are able to be stored in optimum conditions.

Cold storage is simply a storage solution for goods such as food and drink which require a cold temperature. There are many businesses that handle temperature sensitive and perishable products and our cold storage warehouse gives them a place to store their products safely.

Although food is the most commonly stored product in a cold warehouse, things such as candles, film, art, plants and medicine are also commonly stored in cold storage solutions.

How does it work?

At Edwards Transport we understand that your chilled supply chain must be a robust and auditable process. With live temperature control monitoring and vehicle tracking, we can closely monitor the entire process. No matter how niche the product, we have the capability to look after your business and manage the chilled supply line to your clients.

For more information about our chilled storage facility, please contact us. Our professional team would welcome the opportunity to talk through your requirements with you.