What is Contract packing and why do you need it?

A business may instead choose to outsource product packing to a contract packing company, who would then pack the products for redistribution. The products would typically go straight to market from there. Contract Packaging can be a simple or complicated process, depending on the product packaging’s particulars, which can be very different across the retail, commercial, or trade industries.

But why are contract packers helpful?

Contract packaging services are typically outsourced to contract packaging companies. These companies specialise in handling the packaging process for short-term, high-volume products. This gives product manufacturers and product managers great flexibility in defining the packaging process based on the needs of the product.

Shipping items in bulk will keep costs down. You package the products for transportation only – meaning they aren’t yet ready for retail. Rather than invest in machinery, staff and training to pack the products yourself, you can outsource this work to a contract packer.

If you lack the equipment or expertise in-house, are working to full capacity but unable to meet demands and don’t want to commit to the finances of packing in-house what you should use a contract manufacturer and packer. We won’t recommend one if you are working with small product runs and already have the proper equipment in-house.

Choosing the right contract packer.

When choosing a company to outsource your product packing to, it is important to compare several contract packing services on important factors such as location and pricing, so that you find one that meets your specific needs and offers competitive rates.

Edwards transport can provide bespoke contract packing services to British and European manufacturers in the food industry. We have adaptable facilities at our site in Shropshire, where we can assure an excellent contract packing solution for your business. We have a range of Contract packing services available for your business.

For more information on our contract packing service please contact us.

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