Transport Services & Storage Solutions in a crisis

Who we are

Edwards Transport is a family-owned and operated business specialising in Transport Services, Storage and Distribution Services, Working around the clock 24/ hours a day, 7 days a week to service our customers throughout the UK and Europe and ensuring we continue to deliver the highest standards.

Edwards Transport has resources available to help businesses, particularly within the food sector, through these difficult times. If you have transport or storage requirements for the short or long term, please contact us where we will be happy to help.

What we do

Edwards Transport specialises in temperature-controlled transport, general distribution services and storage solutions. Below offer a brief overview of our services  With over 40 years of experience you can be sure of a dedicated and efficient service.

Refrigeration Transport

With a fleet capable of delivering single pallets to full loads we can offer a flexible service to meet your needs. We have the capacity to carry goods with separate compartments at different temperatures to allow us to provide a mixed combination of chilled, frozen and ambient deliveries.

Milk Tankers

We also provide liquid milk transport, supplying a number of the UK’s largest dairy businesses. We have a fleet of 23 bulk liquid milk transport tankers and a specialist team of milk tanker drivers that operates under the Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme (DTAS), ensuring that food safety requirements and industry best practises are met so you can be confident that your milk is looked after for the entire trip.

General Haulage

Our general haulage fleet provides services to the manufacturing, agricultural and construction industries. We can supply suitable adaptable transport solutions for any load size from single pallets to full loads and bespoke items of machinery. Edwards Transport offers the latest in cab technology to ensure that deliveries to your customers are managed from end to end.

Storage Solutions

Depending on your climate and what you’re storing, here at Edwards transport we can provide a storage solution to meet your needs. Our temperature controlled storage facilities can be vital for keeping your items at optimum temperatures.

Ambient storage

Ambient storage is when products need to be kept somewhere in the range of 15- 25°c, such as paper or electrical items. At Edwards Transport we have a large Ambient storage facility which ensures your product quality is maintained throughout its storage time.

Chilled storage

Chilled storage is another type of temperature controlled storage. This is a refrigerated environment designed for storage of goods, to create an environment below 8°c. This is important because it ensures that any food being chilled is done properly, to make sure that no harmful bacteria is present.

Added Value Services

Edwards Transport provides a distressed load handling service providing our own level of quality and service when you most need it. We are able to sort and salvage good products from almost any situation and have licenced and certified disposal facilities should that be required. A full photographic report on each load is provided and we are able to deal directly with most insurers.

Our food sampling and grading facility provides customers with a spacious hygienic environment in which to conduct sampling and grading activities, which can be adapted to offer a number of food based services, including cheese cleaning and repacking facilities.

Edwards Transport can also pack, unpack, label, de-box, re-box, palletise and QA sort your food items. Whether you have a 1-off problem to solve or an on-going requirement we can offer a solution.

Why is it important

Here at Edwards Transport we have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are following advice issued by HM Government and Public Health England (PHE).

We have taken all necessary measures to protect our employees and the services we provide by implementing all necessary hygiene procedures, operating a clear travel policy, and ensuring our drivers adhere to strict procedures in place at collections and delivery points.

Contact – Simon Thompson or 07971053663

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