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Why should you use a Contract Packer?

Rather than invest in machinery, staff and training to pack the products yourself, you can outsource this work to a contract packer. As a result, packaging and transporting your products in bulk can in turn reduce overall manufacturing and logistics costs.

Here are a few other reasons why you should consider using a contract packer …

Reduce your overall costs

Large scale packaging is expensive. In fact, to fully equip your facilities would probably cost you hundreds of thousands. An effective co-packer has already made the investments to outfit their infrastructure with everything they need.

With your co-packer taking care of your production needs, you can focus on bringing more innovation to the creation of unique coffee products.

Quicker output

Since many contract packagers are expert package designers and producers, their business decisions are supposed to enhance the performance, cost-effectiveness, as well as speed.

By involving a contract packaging company early-on in the process of your product development, you could be completely setup and ready to roll the minute you’ve developed your product.

State of the Art Equipment

Contract packaging companies often utilise a combination of automatic machinery, conveyor systems, employees and perhaps robots to package the product.

Environment Friendly

Edwards Transport looks for ways to minimize the wastes used by our products. Also, we pick out the most effective approach to transport and deliver the items so the expenses aren’t passed on to the customer.

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