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Transport within the UK and EU (how COVID-19 and Brexit have affected this)

After an unprecedented year and a new year of great uncertainty ahead of us, there are very few things that will continue to remain the same. It is safe to say that all businesses have been affected by COVID-19 or Brexit. Therefore, it is of great importance to be aware of how these will affect the industry you work in.

Within the transport industry many aspects have been altered to ensure the safety of everyone working, as well as following the Brexit guidelines.

With new Covid-19 variants appearing all of the time, many countries have now introduced a COVID-19 testing requirement for all haulers. Not only this, current national lockdown restrictions also mean that anyone who wishes to enter or return to the UK must now provide evidence of: the journey taken, a negative COVID-19 test before traveling, as well as up to date contact details. In addition to this all those who wish to re-enter the UK must now quarantine and take additional COVID-19 tests before returning home. This quarantine can be completed in specified quarantine hotels where isolation can be managed, this is only the case if you are returning from a country that is a red list travel country. “Red list” are countries from which entry to the UK is banned. Edwards Transport are up to date with the rules and regulations between countries and continue to confirm to the latest Covid-19 guidelines.

On a more positive note, Brexit guidelines confirm that there have been no changes in qualifying Northern Ireland goods moving directly from Northern Ireland to Great Britain. There will however be some small changes to the qualifying of goods moved indirectly through Ireland.

If goods that are deemed to be no risk of leaving the UK customs territory then there will be no tariff to pay, however if the goods are at risk then the EU’s single market will pay EU tariffs.

From the start of 2021 it is now required that declarations will need to be made and there is a potential chance of having to pay when transporting goods into Northern Ireland from Great Britain.

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