What is Cold Storage?

Dry storage is a great solution to storing almost everything – almost. There are some products out there which require different storage conditions in order to remain quality.

Cold storage is simply a storage solution for goods such as food and drink which require a cold temperature. There are many businesses that handle temperature sensitive and perishable products and the option of cold storage gives them a place to store their products safely.

As well as storing your goods, cold storage also offers a reliable way of shipping them too. Most cold storage solutions will process, package and deliver your products straight to the customer in refrigerated couriers. This means that wherever your goods travel, they will remain at a suitable temperature.

When do you require Cold Storage?

If your business is only small, you may not require a cold storage solution just yet. Despite this, you will need refrigerated courier vans in order to ship your products safely. When your business starts to grow, it can get incredibly difficult to store goods on your own so, this is where a cold storage warehouse would come in use for you. A cold storage solution is like a tool for your business which will help growth and expansion.

How does it work?

Depending on your required temperature, it will keep all stock inside at that degrees. For foods, this will help them last longer and stay fresh. Perishable foods which are stored at the wrong temperature risk spoiling and increase the chances of getting food poisoning when eaten.

Although food is the most commonly stored product in a cold warehouse, things such as candles, film, art, plants and medicine are also commonly stored in cold storage solutions. The main reason for storing stock in cold storage is to help them last longer. As well as keeping optimum temperatures, cold storage also ensures no products are damaged during any of the processes.

At Edwards Transport, they have a modern storage facility that consists of 3 chilled warehouses. Located in Market Drayton, all of their warehouses are capable of operating at individual temperatures. As well as chilled storage, they also offer chilled distribution to ensure that all goods are in the best hands. Their facilities are adaptable, adjustable and flexible which means they can ensure that your products are stored in optimum conditions. Find out more here.

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