refrigerated transport

The importance of Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport is a continuously growing industry with a rising demand for chilled or frozen items. Refrigerated transport uses special, temperature-controlled vehicles that transport produce that needs to be maintained at a certain temperature; these products can include dairy, meat, cosmetics, medicines, and even antiques.

One of the many benefits of refrigerated transportation is that it contributes to ensuring that products remain at their optimum condition from place of origin to their destination. This can be vital for perishable products. Refrigerated transport prevents these products from deteriorating and losing their value through the transportation process, this can also be applied for products such as flowers and plants.

The demand for perishable goods is always growing and is predicted for this to continue into the future. Additionally, there is a need for these products to be kept as fresh as possible. Should these products exceed their required temperature ranges for a too long period time the risk of spoiling them and carrying diseases significantly increases.

Often these products will have to travel long distances to get to their final destinations and depending on the time of year can also result in having to travel through heat.

Due to the high demand for fresh, refrigerated produce throughout the UK and around the world, Edwards Transport operates a fleet of modern refrigerated transport trailers for temperature-controlled transport and distribution on both UK and European work. From single pallets to full loads your requirements can be met with precision and all at the desired temperature you desire.

All of our refrigerated trailers are equipped with twin evaporators to enable goods to be carried in separate compartments at two different temperatures. This allows maximum flexibility and efficiency in mixing a combination of chilled, frozen or ambient goods.

For more information on our temperature controlled refrigerated transport and distribution services contact us at 01952 550501, email us or visit our website at

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