temperature controlled storage

What requires temperature controlled storage?

A lot of things can happen to products and produce when sitting in storage, moisture build up and extreme temperatures are common concerns. That’s why at Edwards Transport we offer temperature controlled storage solutions. 

This type of storage is ideal for items that need to be stored for longer periods of times or require being stored and a certain temperature.

What is climate controlled storage?

Temperature controlled storage is a specially designed unit that enables a regular temperature to be maintained. This allows for optimum climate reducing excess moisture and enabling a longer storage time. 

Increased moisture in storage units is mainly caused by heat and humidity combined. Through maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels at a steady and controlled level the unit will be able to better protect the items inside.

What items require climate control?

Whilst most items that are being held in storage would benefit from climate control, however, there are a few types of items that will require being placed into a climate-controlled environment in order to maintain quality. This includes furniture, wine, medical supplies, and foods. 

What are the different types of temperature controlled units? 

There are two main types of temperature controlled units available, the type of product you wish to store will determine which type is best to use. 

Ambient storage is a type of temperature control for items that need to be kept at a room temperature (15 to 25°c), this is suitable for items such as paper or electrical items. Here at Edwards Transport we have an impressive Ambient storage facility and are recognised leaders within this area. We will ensure your product quality is maintained throughout its storage time. Managing your products at the highest possible standard is at the heart of all services offered on behalf of Edwards Transport. 

Chilled storage is another common type of temperature controlled storage. This type of storage acts as a refrigerated room that has been designed for the storage of goods that require an environment of below 8°c. When it comes to food storage low temperatures are vital as it makes sure that no harmful bacteria is present. At Edwards Transport the chilled storage facilities are not only adaptable but also flexible for different products. 

These types of storage are conducted in multiple places as a legal requirement, ranging from supermarkets to restaurants and even your own home. The supplies and distributors of these products are required to follow these regulations. 

Edwards Transport offers a large temperature controlled storage facility including both chilled and ambient warehouses. They also offer both storage and disruption of products. The warehouses are managed using only the latest Warehouse Management Systems. 

To find out more about the types of temperature controlled available at Edwards Transport, click here: https://edwards-transport.com/temperature-controlled-storage/ 

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