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Contract Packing services to help your Business

What is contract packing? Why do we need it, and what does it involve? Journey into the world of contract packing and let us explain what it’s all about.

A business may decide rather than pack its products in-house, a manufacturer or retailer can outsource the job to a contract packing company (often called a contract packer). The contract packer then packs the products for redistribution. Typically, the products go straight to market.

Contract packers often provide a number of services, including the following:

  • Vertical form fill seal – Where the packing machine creates the bag as it packs the raw material.
  • Flow wrapping – Sealing products in film as they run along a conveyor.
  • Shrink wrapping – Using heat to seal products in tight plastic.

Perhaps your business manufactures and ships items in bulk to keep costs down. You package the products for transportation only – meaning they aren’t yet ready for retail. Rather than invest in machinery, staff and training to pack the products yourself, you can outsource this work to a contract packer.

You should use a contract manufacturer and packer if you:

  • Lack the equipment or expertise in-house
  • Are working to full capacity but unable to meet demands
  • Don’t want to commit to the finances of packing in-house

You shouldn’t use a contract packer if you:

  • Are working with small product runs
  • Have the proper equipment in-house

How to go around hiring a Contract packer:

  • Work out exactly what packing solutions you need – Clearly identify your needs or what specific problem you want the contract packaging company to solve.
  • Consider your budget – it’s easy to underestimate how much packaging can cost.
  • Find potential candidates – find out their costs, tell them your challenges, there quality control processes

How does Contract packing for food work?

Food can be packed in lots of different types of packaging. Most food is packed using methods where the packaging is already made and then filled.

Food in sachets can be packed using a technique known as vertical form fill seal. Foods like chocolate bars can be pushed along a conveyor belt and packed using horizontal bagging techniques such as flow wrapping.

Edwards transport can provide bespoke contract packing services to British and European manufacturers in the food industry. We have adaptable facilities at our site in Shropshire, where we can assure an excellent contract packing solution for your business. We have a range of Contract packing services available for your business, to find out more please click here

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