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What is Refrigerated Transportation?

There is a huge demand for produce and all manner of products to be efficiently and safely transported. With a lot of these products being temperature sensitive it’s vital that the right mode of transport is used. In order to ensure that the quality of products are maintained, the right mode of transport is needed.

What is refrigerated transport and why is it so essential to the modern supply chain demand?

What is Refrigerated Transportation?

Refrigerated transportation is the shipping of temperature sensitive products using specialised temperature-controlled vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with built-in refrigerators that helps maintain the desired temperature of the product throughout the journey.

Refrigerated transport has been developed over the years. In the 1800s ice and salt was used to keep produce fresh. Modern technology means there are more efficient methods of keeping products at the desired temperature for longer periods of time.

Refrigerated transportation is quicker and more efficient than alternative methods for temperature sensitive products. Items in high-demand, such as fresh meat and seafood, rely on this refrigerated transportation. However, there is a common misunderstanding that it is only perishable foods that require refrigeration during transportation; other products such as valuable chemicals, personal care or even works of art need to be kept at desired temperatures.

UK and European regulations have made it essential for transportation companies to seek out and implement refrigerated transportation.

The Benefits of Refrigerated Transportation

The benefit of refrigerated transportation is that essentially the products being transported are kept fresh. Refrigerated transportation is an absolute necessity in order to meet demand, whilst also maintaining safety and compliance requirements.

Such high demand in the supply chain means that there is a need for many refrigerated vehicles in order to transport products from frozen foods and fresh fruit and vegetables to chemicals.

Refrigerated Transportation at Edwards Transport

Due to this huge demand for fresh, refrigerated produce all across the UK and all around the world, Edwards Transport operates a fleet of modern refrigerated transport trailers for temperature-controlled transport and distribution on both UK and European work. From single pallets to full loads your requirements can be met with precision and all at the desired temperature you desire.

All of our refrigerated trailers are equipped with twin evaporators to enable goods to be carried in separate compartments at two different temperatures. This allows maximum flexibility and efficiency in mixing a combination of chilled, frozen or ambient goods.

For more information on our temperature controlled refrigerated transport and distribution services contact us at 01952 550501, email us or visit our website at

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