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Temperature Controlled Storage

What is Temperature Controlled Storage?

If you are thinking of putting items into storage, temperature-controlled storage solutions may be ideal for you. A temperature controlled-storage solution is a facility which controls the temperature of the building. At Edwards Transport, they have a fully racked facility with 13000 pallet capacity. Racks also come adjustable to give more diversity in what they can hold.

Why do you need it?

Depending on your climate and what you’re storing, a temperature-controlled storage facility can be vital for keeping your items at optimum temperatures. If you’re storing items for a long period of time, temperature-controlled storage can also be a great solution for you.

Different types of Temperature Controlled Storage

Ambient storage is when products need to be kept somewhere in the range of 15- 25°c, such as paper or electrical items. Edwards Transport have a large Ambient storage facility and are recognised as a leading supplier in this area. This is to ensure your product quality is maintained throughout its storage time. Managing your products to the highest possible standard is something that Edwards Transport pride themselves in.

Chilled storage is another type of temperature-controlled storage. This is a refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods, to create an environment below 8°c. This is important because it ensures that any food being chilled is done properly, to make sure that not harmful bacteria is present. At Edwards Transport, their facilities are not only adaptable, but also flexible for different products.

These storage methods are carried out in multiple places as a legal requirement. From supermarkets to restaurants and even in your own home. The suppliers and distributors of these products must also follow theses regulations.

Edwards transport have a large temperature controlled storage facility, offering both the storage and distribution of your products. Their warehouses are managed using the latest Warehouse Management Systems. Guaranteeing their warehouses to be adaptable for ambient food storage as well as also non-food related products.

Overall temperature-controlled storage is an important factor when storing products. To find out more from Edwards Transport and what they offer, click here: https://edwards-transport.com/temperature-controlled-storage/

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